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DXBDW '23 - Anatolia by Isola x Grob

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Conceived by Isola’s curatorial team in collaboration with Grob Design and part of Downtown Design fair, Anatolia is a collective exhibition inspired by the great crossroads of ancient civilizations. The show highlights Anatolian design and will have an atmosphere reminiscent of the Silk Road, a historic trade route that linked the East and the West, creating a vital hub for cultural exchange within the territories that it traversed.

Photo by Ivan Erofeev

More than 25 Turkish and Middle Eastern designers, design studios, and brands presented their projects and research within the Anatolia exhibition. For the occasion, Elif Resitoglu, in collaboration with Canan Eren from Grob Design, designed a booth recreating a Kervansaray, an ancient resting place for caravans and travelers where visitors will exchange ideas, enhance their network, join workshops, and purchase a selection of lifestyle objects by the participating brands and designers. The exhibition lighting system was provided by iGuzzini.

Photo by Ivan Erofeev

Among the participants: Abrahamm Creative Studio, Alpaq Studio, Atelier Terra Madre, Bakir Istanbul, CLZ ATELIER, Creande, Ekin Varon, Elham Nejati, FEZA DSGN, Figure, Geza Ceramic Studio, Grob Design, Hakan Helvacıoglu Design, Hala Yousif, Insulavivere, Letter29, Macaroni Event, OD ART & DESIGN, Sema Topaloglu, Studio Lugo, Studio Monsoleil, Studio TimTim, The Keep, Tomas Atelier, Tugba Cebecioglu, YellowDot, Yet Design Studio, Zade Design, ZEYNEP BOYAN.

Quotes from Isola's press release.

Photo by Ivan Erofeev

If you'd like to hear our thoughts about Dubai Design Week, which we attended for the first time, go ahead below.

It was the first event where we opened our Elements of Anatolia collection to the audience. We participated with three vases and two coffee tables from our collection, where all pieces are one-of-a-kind.

The most popular one was our low coffee table, which has a color transition from red to off-white, and you can see these color transitions on both the feet and the glass top.

Photos by Ivan Erofeev

The harmony that emerged when the curator brought OD Art & Design and Halle Design together attracted the attention of all visitors.

With Hala Yousif's textile wall arts, we achieved an excellent composition with colors and textures.

We were thrilled with the great interest of visitors worldwide, mainly from Middle Eastern countries.

Although we were initially surprised that most visitors thought our works were 3D at first glance, we later got used to it. Most of the exhibition was spent explaining our production process and story to the eyes that looked at the pieces with admiration and curiosity.

Good news for friends in Dubai and nearby! You can now find these pieces from the Elements of Anatolia collection at Double J Collective Gallery in Dubai Design District.

Photo by Marita Setas Ferro

Authored by Merve Sireci Kır - 29.11.2023

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Nov 30, 2023

Very exiciting news! Looking forward for new collections 👏🏻

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